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Contact Tracing

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Disease relevance of Contact Tracing


High impact information on Contact Tracing

  • CONCLUSIONS: The investigation of the outbreak revealed significant problems on an individual patient and population based level including difficulties with contact tracing, compliance, and the risk of developing multidrug resistance [6].
  • Prompted by a sharp increase in the number of patients with MRSA in early 1987, contact tracing identified 450 employees, of whom 36 (8%) were nasal carriers [7].
  • Audit of treatment and contact-tracing rates in immediate (presumptive) versus delayed (polymerase chain reaction) diagnosis of chlamydial infection [8].
  • Those testing positive were counselled to receive three weekly doses of benzathine penicillin, and received a partner notification card [9].
  • RESULTS: Great variations among the GPs' management of urogenital C. trachomatis infection according to sampling-site, medical treatment, follow-up and contact tracing were found [10].

Gene context of Contact Tracing

  • This epidemic identified injection drug use (IDU) as the major determinant of transmission and was the first highly visible indication of IDU in rural Nova Scotia. Contact-tracing was used to identify 186 injection drug users (IDUs), of whom 153 (82%) were interviewed [11].
  • In comparison with published reports of contact-tracing efforts for viral hepatitis among IDUs, the Cape Breton experience seems successful [12].
  • On 27 March the Department of Health announced drastic measures, including vigorous contact tracing and examination, quarantine of contacts in their homes, and closure of all schools and universities [13].


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