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Southwestern United States

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Disease relevance of Southwestern United States


High impact information on Southwestern United States

  • Columnar stalagmites in caves of the Guadalupe Mountains during the late Holocene record a 4000-year annually resolved climate history for the southwestern United States. Annual banding, hiatuses, and high-precision uranium-series dating show a present day-like climate from 4000 to 3000 years ago, following a drier middle Holocene [6].
  • In contrast, in 91 unrelated non-Ashkenazic persons with BS whom we examined, blmAsh was identified only in 5, these coming from Spanish-speaking Christian families from the southwestern United States, Mexico, or El Salvador [7].
  • Clinical features of hepatitis C-infected patients with persistently normal alanine transaminase levels in the Southwestern United States [8].
  • The accuracy of personal histories as a means of excluding smokers was examined prospectively in three phase I units in the northeastern, midwestern, and southwestern United States. In studies intended for nonsmokers, 45 of 282 purported nonsmokers screened before enrollment tested positive for cotinine [9].
  • Application of a sensitive new detection method has revealed widespread perchlorate contamination of groundwater in the southwestern United States, typically at 0.005-0.020 mg/L (5-20 ppb) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Southwestern United States

  • This is similar to the HIV infection rates reported for nonpregnant parenteral drug-using populations in other areas of the southwestern United States, suggesting that there may be a lower rate of endemic infection in this region of the country [11].

Biological context of Southwestern United States


Associations of Southwestern United States with chemical compounds


Gene context of Southwestern United States

  • Estimating recharge distribution by incorporating runoff from mountainous areas in an alluvial basin in the Great Basin region of the southwestern United States [18].
  • SETTING: Community setting in the southwestern United States. PARTICIPANTS: Convenience sample of 113 women with physician-confirmed MS (mean age, 45.79y) [19].
  • SETTING: Large tertiary care center in the southwestern United States. SAMPLE: 28 patients with cancer in two groups: traditional home health and home health plus telenursing [20].


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