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Disease relevance of Ostomy


High impact information on Ostomy

  • Results show that eyes treated with p21 exhibited open surgical ostomies by both functional and histological criteria, and did not display any side effects seen in control animals that were treated with MMC [3].
  • Functional evaluation of the graft was done, at the same time points, by urinary excretion of lactulose and mannitol injected in the proximal ostomy [4].
  • In multivariate analysis, only residual small bowel length was a significant independent predictor of duration of PN, and only less time with a diverting ostomy was an independent predictor of peak direct bilirubin concentration [5].
  • In patients with hypersecretory disease or high-volume ostomy drainage, cimetidine is clinically useful in moderating secretions, thus reducing fluid and electrolyte loss [6].
  • RESULTS: The addition of clonidine, 0.1 mg per os (PO) 2 times per day, to the treatment regimen of case 1 decreased her ostomy output from approximately 4 L/day to approximately 1 L/day, eliminating the need for parenteral nutrition and fluids and decreasing the need for opiate therapy [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ostomy


Associations of Ostomy with chemical compounds

  • Six ostomy patients presenting with peristomal rashes have been shown to be allergic to their ostomy bags and to epoxy resin [1].
  • The ostomy sites of four premature infants undergoing bowel reanastomosis were lavaged with a 10% solution of povidone iodine to reduce local bacterial contamination and the risk of anastomosis dehiscence [9].
  • As part of a Spotlight series on grant writing by members of the Center for Clinical Investigation of the Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing (WOCN) Society, this article completes an explanation about writing the Methods section of a grant proposal [10].
  • Years later, two surgeons arranged an all-day convention of the ostomy groups in the greater New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas, at the New York Academy of Medicine. At the convention, the idea of a national society was conceived [11].

Gene context of Ostomy

  • A practical ostomy guide. Part one [12].
  • Care of the Obese PatientWith an Ostomy [13].
  • The entire diagnostic draft guideline was published in the April issue of Ostomy/Wound Management; the entire treatment draft guideline in the May issue [14].
  • However, when rejection was taking place the ostomy effluent was found to have measurable IGFBP levels in 6 of 12 episodes, the 6 episodes occurring in 6 different patients [15].
  • Open-ended questions and four instruments, the QOLS, Duke-UNC Health Profile (DUHP), Life Satisfaction Index (LSI-Z), and either the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales (AIMS) or the Ostomy Adjustment Scale (OAS) were administered by telephone interview and mailed questionnaires to 227 adults three times over 6 weeks [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ostomy


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