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Hospital Records

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Disease relevance of Hospital Records


High impact information on Hospital Records

  • Hospital records of 425 patients who had been treated simultaneously with lithium carbonate and haloperidol were examined [6].
  • We reviewed liver specimens and hospital records of 326 unselected adult African Americans who were autopsied, assessing Prussian blue-stained sections for hepatocellular iron and measuring iron quantitatively in specimens that stained positively [7].
  • This exposure, comparable to the CS being taped to a hospital record, results in reading changes as early as 2 h after reaction [8].
  • METHOD: Hospital records were reviewed for 88 consecutive patients started on sertraline treatment at McLean Hospital from February 11, 1992 to August 28, 1992 [9].
  • METHODS: The hospital records of all patients admitted with ADDA during the period of the study were reviewed retrospectively [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hospital Records


Biological context of Hospital Records


Anatomical context of Hospital Records


Associations of Hospital Records with chemical compounds

  • Data on magnesium sulfate exposure, labor and delivery, and infant characteristics were abstracted from hospital records [22].
  • Review of hospital records showed that fewer than 1% of the positive-test patients (excluding the latex test) received treatment for CMV [23].
  • Long-term blood glucose control was assessed from all previous HbA1c measurements in the hospital records, an average of nine per patient [24].
  • From accounts by surgical staff and official hospital records which have become available through US Freedom of Information legislation, it is clear that the rumoured death rate from this cause has been greatly exaggerated [25].
  • Patients undergoing diagnostic lumbar and vene puncture were prospectively recruited, clinical data were obtained from the hospital records, and the CSF and serum nitrate and nitrite levels were measured by the nitrate reductase and Griess reaction methods [26].

Gene context of Hospital Records

  • Hospital records, radiographs, and rheumatoid factor measurements allowed each sibling to be classified as having classical, definite, probable, or no RA [27].
  • METHODS: Six case histories were selected from hospital records of COPD patients [28].
  • METHODS: Congenital rubella syndrome cases were identified through prospective surveillance and retrospective surveys of hospital records [29].
  • The hospital records of all inpatients with PAH and SLE between April 1986 and May 1991 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania were reviewed [30].
  • 91% of the data was reported correctly, 1% was missing and 6% was reported on the case record from (CRF) but could not be retrieved in the hospital record file [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hospital Records


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