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Sickness Impact Profile

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Disease relevance of Sickness Impact Profile


Psychiatry related information on Sickness Impact Profile


High impact information on Sickness Impact Profile

  • Compared with the FV group, the PT group experienced no significant improvements in overall Physical Disability Index, Sickness Impact Profile, or activities of daily living scores [11].
  • METHODS:The Sickness Impact Profile (SIP), Short Form 36 (SF-36), Rating Form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Patient Concerns (RFIPC), and the time trade-off (TTO) were used to measure HRQL of pull-through patients [12].
  • METHODS: The authors prospectively studied 96 patients with ALS using several instruments, including the McGill Quality of Life (MQOL) instrument, the Idler Index of Religiosity, the Sickness Impact Profile (SIP)/ALS-19, and several measures of strength and physical function [13].
  • We found the largest differences in frequencies of symptoms of disequilibrium, difficulties with speech or swallowing, the Timed Walking Test, and the body care and movement subscale of the Sickness Impact Profile. Except for disequilibrium (p = 0.04), these differences did not reach statistical significance [14].
  • Relationship of the Tufts Quantitative Neuromuscular Exam (TQNE) and the Sickness Impact Profile (SIP) in measuring progression of ALS. SSNJV/CNTF ALS Study Group [15].

Biological context of Sickness Impact Profile


Anatomical context of Sickness Impact Profile

  • METHOD: Subjects (n = 30) were measured at home and correlations were calculated between the Upper Limb Activity Monitor and 4 questionnaires; Sickness Impact Profile, RAND-36 Health Survey, Disabilities of Arm Shoulder Hand Questionnaire and Radboud Skills Questionnaire [21].

Associations of Sickness Impact Profile with chemical compounds

  • Reduced serum tryptophan was significantly associated with Rotterdam Symptom Checklist physical symptom (r=-0.51, P=0.01) and Sickness Impact Profile (r=-0.42, P=0.04) scores, and correlated with increased serum neopterin (r=-0.36, P=0.003), IL-2 sRalpha (r=-0.51, P=0.01) and sTNF RI (r=-0.45, P=0.02) levels [22].
  • MEASUREMENTS: Demographics, time to first fall and all subsequent falls, functional measures, Sickness Impact Profile, Centers for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale, Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale, Falls Efficacy Scales, and adherence to interventions [23].
  • Outcomes included two disease-specific (the Oxygen Cost Diagram and the Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire [CRQ]) measures, a generic health profile (the Sickness Impact Profile [SIP]), and two utility measures (the Standard Gamble and the Quality of Well-Being index [QWB]) [24].
  • Sickness Impact Profile scores were no different between placebo and gabapentin [25].
  • Quality of life, assessed by the Sickness Impact Profile questionnaire, was significantly improved in patients receiving OPC-8212 (p less than 0.01) [26].

Gene context of Sickness Impact Profile


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sickness Impact Profile


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