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Tooth Injuries

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High impact information on Tooth Injuries

  • Analysis of these data suggests that TGF-beta1 released from dentin degraded by bacterial or iatrogenic agents could be involved in the immune response of the dental pulp resulting from tooth injury [1].
  • GFAP immunoreactivity in trigeminal ganglion satellite cells after tooth injury in rats [2].
  • The Fos responses of central neurons to tooth injury have some unusual temporal and spatial patterns in adult rats compared to other trigeminal injury models [3].
  • The present study was undertaken to determine whether the GDNF receptor, GFRalpha-1, is expressed by pulpal afferents, and, further, to determine whether tooth injury evokes changes in expression of the GDNF and NGF receptors among pulpal afferents [4].
  • The age of the patient and the location of the most distal occlusal contact were recorded as well as teeth injuries and concomitant fractures of the mandibular body [5].


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