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  • Epilepsy awareness among school teachers in Thailand [3].
  • The histamine provocation curve of the target school teachers had consistently higher values than that of the students (P = 0.0001), but its slope and shape were similar (P = 0.15), while the slope of the provocation curve of the control school teachers was flatter [4].
  • METHODS: Four pharmacy students, four pharmacy faculty members, and four medical librarians answered ten drug information questions using the databases AHFS Drug Information (STAT!Ref); DRUGDEX (Micromedex); eFacts (Drug Facts and Comparisons); Lexi-Drugs Online (Lexi-Comp); and the PDR Electronic Library (Micromedex) [5].
  • OBJECTIVE: To assess school teachers' level of knowledge on prevention of viral hepatitis (VH) [6].
  • Only 68.5 per cent of the school-teachers were aware of the anti-bacterial role of fluoride, and only a small minority knew of fluoride's potential in healing incipient caries [7].

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  • The acceptability of behavioral and pharmacological interventions for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among elementary and middle school teachers was examined [10].
  • Furthermore, a significantly larger proportion of students in the PRC program reported more favorable attitude toward their instructor than their regular school teachers [11].
  • This included a training campaign for all 74 health workers, 773 school teachers and 12,500 older pupils (class V to X) to enable them to suspect and refer cases of RF/RHD and counsel them about secondary prophylaxis [12].


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