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Financial Support

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High impact information on Financial Support

  • One hundred and five articles were examined for the following features: financial support, human subjects, the presence of a photomicrograph, molecular biology techniques, and the number of times each article was cited as determined using the Science Citation Index [1].
  • MDM policy regarding financial support of authors [2].
  • FINDINGS: Scientists acknowledging tobacco industry support reported typically that nicotine or smoking improved cognitive performance while researchers not reporting the financial support of the tobacco industry were more nearly split on their conclusions [3].
  • PATIENTS: The 100 patients met extensive entry criteria, including five or more years in conventional methadone maintenance treatment; stable employment or other productive activity; verifiable financial support; and no criminal involvement, use of illegal drugs, or excessive alcohol use within three or more years [4].
  • SPONSORSHIP: The study received financial support from the Wellcome Trust and SB was supported by a scholarship from Unilever, UK [5].

Associations of Financial Support with chemical compounds

  • The research project "Towards a Strategy for Optimal Vitamin D Fortification (OPTIFORD)" has received financial support from the 5th framework programme of the EC [6].
  • Initially the idea developed slowly but, in 1935, gained momentum when the Governor General, the Earl of Bessborough, initiated The King George V Silver Jubilee Cancer Fund for Canada and financial support for such a project became a possibility [7].
  • The systematic accident cost analysis (SACA) project was carried out during 2001 by The Aarhus School of Business and PricewaterhouseCoopers Denmark with financial support from The Danish National Working Environment Authority [8].
  • Unfortunately, because the generic compound, lithium, lacks the financial support of its newer, patented comparators, it is often neglected by clinicians who are exposed to continuing medical education (CME) and residency training programs that are heavily weighted towards the newer treatments [9].

Gene context of Financial Support


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