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Chromosomes, Human, Y

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High impact information on Chromosomes, Human, Y

  • Similarly, Y chromosome locus order was remarkably conserved between cat and human Y chromosomes, with only one marker (SMCY) position rearranged between the species [1].
  • A sequential silver-Giemsa (SG) procedure is presented, initially to stain the p11 and q11 euchromatic bands and subsequently the q12 heterochromatic band of the human Y chromosomes [2].
  • A family of human Y chromosomes has dispersed throughout northern Eurasia despite a 1.8-Mb deletion in the azoospermia factor c region [3].

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  • The existence of different types of Y chromosome staining patterns was explained on the basis of the previously described hypothesis of unequal distribution of thymine residues between two DNA polynucleotide chains in the distal part of the long arms of human Y chromosomes [5].


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