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Human Characteristics

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High impact information on Human Characteristics

  • Progressive neurological phenotypes and pathological lesions that developed in the GAN null mice recapitulate characteristic human GAN features [1].
  • The tumor-associated binding characteristics of this antibody, its efficient internalization, and its human nature, make PH1-IgG1 a valuable candidate for further studies as a cancer-targeting immunotherapeutic [2].
  • With this system, we found that de novo expression of the fucosyltransferase in mouse recipient cells was associated with the transfer and stable genomic integration of characteristic human DNA restriction fragments [3].
  • These findings constitute direct evidence for disturbed craniofacial development in schizophrenia and indicate origins in the foetal period during which the characteristic human facial pattern evolves in close association with brain differentiation [4].
  • When somatic cell hybrid DNAs were restricted with Eco R1 and Southern blots hybridized with the human Cx50 DNA probe, the characteristic human restriction pattern was observed only when human chromosome 1 was present in the hybrid panel [5].

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Gene context of Human Characteristics

  • Finally, the article questions how society can maintain its discriminatory policies against homosexuality when it is no more a distinctive trait in human nature than left-handedness [9].


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