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Labor Pain

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  • A CD-ROM and printed material on San-Yin-Jiao pressure to lessen labor pain for women were developed as formal didactic instruction using the same content [16].
  • OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of SP6 acupressure on labor pain and delivery time in women in labor [17].
  • Despite complete resolution of labor pain and a solid, bilateral T10 block, the patient reported discomfort at two discrete locations in her right lumbar paraspinous muscle [18].
  • The duration of analgesia was also significantly longer in group LF (mean 530 min +/- SE65 vs. 361 +/- 66, p<0.05).Conclusions: The addition of 25 microg intrathecal fentanyl to 2.5 mg levobupivacaine as part of CSE for labor analgesia decreased the incidence of labor breakthrough pain and resulted in a longer duration of labor pain relief [19].

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