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Disease relevance of Stereotyping

  • The intermediate position of the psoriasis group, however, suggests that in addition to the presence of a cerebral dysfunction in the epilepsy group, the mere presence of a chronic disorder with potential social stigmatization influences personality [1].

Psychiatry related information on Stereotyping


High impact information on Stereotyping

  • CONCLUSIONS: Stigmatization regarding epilepsy has not been proven to be an important feature in the culture of Pakistan because none of the observations are statistically significant as per P-value [4].
  • In HLA-A, -B, -C stereotyping, an association was found of AW24, BW46, and BW54 with relative risks of 3.83, 6.50, and 3.58 respectively [5].
  • Study 2: Obese patients were surveyed about the frequency with which they encountered each form of stigmatization and employed each form of coping [6].
  • Although these results suggest some danger of stigmatization of CF carriers, the cognitive bias of 'illusory superiority' seems to counterbalance some of its effects [7].
  • Results highlight the potential of stereotyping and negative attributions that might distort observations, both in unmasked studies of prenatal cocaine exposure and in clinical settings [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Stereotyping

  • However, individuals that emitted FIBS were differentiated from those not emitting FIBS not by assayed telencephalic DA concentrations alone but by a higher stereotyping index (SI), a score positively related to the ratio of telencephalic DA-norepinephrine (NE) concentrations [9].
  • This adds to the stigmatization of Clinical Medicine as "soft science", compared to Bio-medicine [10].
  • Statistical analysis was made on the independent variable and the dependent variable - an improved Leprosy Control Programme. It was observed that the stigmatization of Hansenites had deep historical roots with the policy of colonial administrations to isolate and segregate Hansenites [11].
  • WA-335 acts synergistically with amphetamine in which it potentiates stereotyping and enhances motility [12].

Biological context of Stereotyping

  • The medical community is not exempt from the social process of stigmatization, and poor public health infrastructure and medical services undoubtedly contribute to the cycle of epilepsy-associated stigma through wide treatment gaps, poor seizure control, and high rates of seizure-related injury [13].

Gene context of Stereotyping

  • The advantages of a screening policy include the determination of the full extent of MRSA-colonization and work exclusion; the disadvantages include detection of transient nasal carriage, disruption of staff routine and stigmatization [14].
  • With regards to stigmatization, girls without ADHD reported that their behaviors can bother their teachers, parents, and peers, whereas girls and boys with ADHD did not perceive their behavior as bothersome [15].
  • Efforts to create more awareness of SCD are paradoxically increasing frustration and stigmatization in the absence of a commensurate improvement of services [16].
  • Results support application of the schematicity construct and relevant social psychological research with adults to the study of young African American and White children's racial stereotyping and processing of race-relevant information [17].
  • Greece is comparable to Mexico. In Turkey, stigmatization accompanies passive homosexuality [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Stereotyping

  • PURPOSE: To assess the stigmatization and psychosocial problems of persons with epilepsy in Pakistan. METHODS: A population-based, cross-sectional epidemiologic study of 241 persons with epilepsy identified from an at-risk population of 24,130 individuals (64.7% from urban and 35.3% from rural areas) [4].


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