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Videotape Recording

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High impact information on Videotape Recording

  • For this purpose 44 dobutamine echocardiographic tests, routinely performed in our echo laboratory, were analysed blindly by two observers using traditional videotape recording and digitized image acquisition [1].
  • METHODS: Serial videotape recordings (with off-line assessment of GMs), ultrasound examination of the brain, and neurologic examinations were performed from birth until about 6 months of corrected age, on a group of 66 preterm infants whose gestational age ranged from 26 to 36 weeks (mean 30.7 weeks) [2].
  • Ethanol (0, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 g/kg, IP) was given to subjects placed alone in a novel cage, and videotape recordings of behaviour were made [3].
  • Before starting oral mexiletine, normal saline was first injected intravenously as placebo control; lidocaine infusion then followed and clinical evaluation was provided by dystonia rating scale scores, videotape recordings, and surface electromyographic recording [4].
  • Mice were subjected to various schedules of restraint stress for 1-6 days and were subsequently tested for either modafinil-induced or dopaminergically induced behavioral activity in the home cage using videotape recording [5].

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