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Disease relevance of Blastomycosis


High impact information on Blastomycosis

  • Cloned cDNA was used to express a 30-kD fusion protein strongly recognized in western blots by rabbit anti-WI-1 antiserum, and by sera from all 35 blastomycosis patients studied [5].
  • Initial therapy with amphotericin B is appropriate in patients with AIDS and presumptive blastomycosis [6].
  • RESULTS: Twelve of 15 patients had a previous or concomitant AIDS-defining illness at the time of diagnosis of blastomycosis, and only one patient had a CD4 lymphocyte count of greater than 200 cells/mm3 [6].
  • Ketoconazole therapy for endemic blastomycosis [7].
  • In contrast to these findings, neutralization of elevated TGF-beta levels during experimental pulmonary blastomycosis did not restore BAD1-suppressed TNF-alpha levels in the lung or ameliorate disease [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Blastomycosis


Biological context of Blastomycosis


Anatomical context of Blastomycosis


Gene context of Blastomycosis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Blastomycosis


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