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Community Health Services

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Biological context of Community Health Services

  • From 1 April they will be able to set up contracts for community health services such as district nursing and chiropody, and possibly this might be extended to social aspects of community care [6].

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Gene context of Community Health Services

  • It is the role of the CF nurse specialist (NS) to educate those who will deliver the care, co-ordinate the provision of services at home, liaise with the CF team and community health-care professionals and to support the patient and their carers [12].
  • This article provides an overview of the standard precautions that all community healthcare workers must implement to reduce the incidence of HAI [13].
  • The National Library of Medicine is currently funding the Pilot Connections project to promote and support use of the INTERNET in community health care settings [14].
  • Sponsored by the Estes Park Institute, the purpose of this investigation was to identify emerging governance issues and to propose a normative model for nonprofit community health care systems [15].
  • From their daily experiences with PHC implementation in Mali, the authors discuss the relation between the government oriented basic health services (BHS) and the community health services (CHS) practised at village level [16].


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