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Chemistry, Pharmaceutical

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  • New approaches to broaden this window exploit alternative drug formulations, pharmacokinetic profiling and new immunosuppressive agents, such as Rapamycin and Brequinar, which act in a synergistic fashion [2].
  • Drug formulation and salivary phenytoin measurements [3].
  • RESULTS: Plasma clearance and elimination half-lives for ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and caffeine were comparable to published values reported for drug formulations [4].
  • A tumor model designed to assess liposome-mediated drug delivery to liver has been used in an attempt to better understand the mechanism of activity of liposomal mitoxantrone, a liposomal anticancer drug formulation that appears to be uniquely effective in treating this tumor model [5].
  • In this report, the performance of these nitrate drug/formulation combinations is discussed in terms of the relative onset of action, duration of action, tolerance properties/regeneration of reactivity and patient acceptance [6].

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