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Child Rearing

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High impact information on Child Rearing

  • A standardized format was used to collect drawings, administer the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, and gather background data on medical, developmental, and child-rearing issues [1].
  • Patients on pimozide were significantly more favourably rated on aspects of sociability, use of leisure, warmth of personal relationships, household tasks and child-rearing [2].
  • Both IVF mothers and fathers did not differ from control parents on other measures of general adjustment (mood) or those more specific to parenthood (e.g., attachment to the child and attitudes to child rearing) [3].
  • However, increasing numbers of young women with CF are surviving to an age where pregnancy and child-rearing are options for them [4].
  • Dimensions of child-rearing practices. Factor structure of the EMBU [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Child Rearing

  • Successful improvement in the child-rearing practices and maternal vitamin A and iron status requires community-based interventions that are sustainable [6].

Gene context of Child Rearing

  • Appraisals of stress in child-rearing in Swedish mothers pre-schoolers with ADHD. A questionnaire study [7].
  • Parkinson was one of the first to write on child-rearing practices and in this context antedated Benjamin Spock by 150 years [8].
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects young adults during the prime of life, complicating child-rearing and work-related activities, often resulting in significant disability [9].
  • The quality and stability of sibling relationships during adulthood were assessed by comparing TAT themes of sibling affiliation, conflict, and separation at the period of active child-rearing (CR) and the empty nest (EN) [10].
  • A sample of 750 APA member psychologists with Ph.D.s were randomly selected and assigned to one of three groups: (1) those informed about the source of the child-rearing advice, (2) those partially informed about the source of the advice, and (3) those uninformed about the source of the advice [11].


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