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Specialties, Nursing

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High impact information on Specialties, Nursing

  • No differences in latex positivity among five nursing specialties were noted [1].
  • CNA certification is a voluntary national nursing specialty credential that offers Canadian nurses the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills by meeting eligibility criteria and successfully writing an examination [2].
  • OBJECTIVE: To characterise the NHS Direct nurse workforce and estimate the impact of NHS Direct on the staffing of other NHS nursing specialties [3].
  • The Work Environmental Scale (WES) was used to measure perceptions of the workplace relative to gender, position (head nurses, staff nurses, and agency nurses), specialty nursing (intensive care unit [ICU] versus non-ICU), education (MSN, BSN, and ADN), and patterns of differences between the WES subscales of four military medical centers [4].
  • Envisioning a National Board of Nursing Specialties: an interview with Jeanette Hartshorn [5].


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