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Disease relevance of Bioethics


Psychiatry related information on Bioethics

  • The authors in this issue of The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy share the assumption that bioethics is about resolving cases, not about moral theory, and that the best method of bioethical decision-making is that which produces useful answers [2].

High impact information on Bioethics


Biological context of Bioethics


Anatomical context of Bioethics

  • In the Spring of 1988, the Center for Biomedical Ethics began an interdisciplinary research project on the scientific, ethical, and policy issues raised by the use of fetal tissue in biomedicine [9].

Associations of Bioethics with chemical compounds

  • Bioethics for clinicians: 6. Advance care planning [10].
  • For these reasons, the Wellcome Trust's biomedical ethics programme convened a meeting, "Investigating Ethics and Mental Disorders", in order to review some current research, and to stimulate topics and methods of future research in the field [11].
  • June, bioethics and the Supreme Court [12].
  • Ethics professor/scholar Capron of USC says bioethics and bioeconomics cannot be separated [13].
  • Grinnell, Bishop, and McCullough (2002) have proposed extending Bohr's notion of complementarity from the realm of quantum physics to that of bioethics, arguing that many ethical disputes cannot in principle be resolved [14].

Gene context of Bioethics

  • The use of Ritalin and other stimulant drug treatments for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) raises distinctive moral dilemmas for parents; these moral dilemmas have not been adequately addressed in the bioethics literature [15].
  • Wilks there argues that the puzzle posed by Mark Wicclair in Bioethics 5 against Dan Brock's argument in favour of a risk-related standard of competence -- namely that Brock's argument allows for situations of asymmetrical competence -- is not a genuine problem for a risk-related standard of competence [16].
  • Comparative bioethics in bipolar and epilepsy research [17].
  • This article begins with a brief statement of why Alzheimer disease (AD) research is an especially significant issue in bioethics [18].
  • Moral education and development. Part VI: Bioethics [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bioethics


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