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  • Mean values of PCNA and Ki-67 detected in adenomas at index colonoscopy were significantly higher in relapsing group when compared with non-relapsing group [33].
  • We evaluated the association between LOI of IGF-II in normal colonic mucosal samples and adenomas in women participating in a colonoscopy screening study [34].
  • Chest films, liver-spleen scan, colonoscopy, bone scan, abdominal and pelvic CAT scan, and hepatic arteriograms were performed, and elevated CEA levels were confirmed before reexploration was undertaken [35].
  • Due to the largely complementary presence of p53 and K-ras mutations in tumors, the use of highly sensitive procedures for stool analysis could offer a means competitive with colonoscopy and the fecal occult blood test [36].
  • METHODS: One hundred fifty consecutive patients (148 men) undergoing outpatient colonoscopy were randomly selected for one of three preparations (Prep 1: 4 L PEG-ELS; Prep 2: 2 L PEG-ELS plus 296 mL magnesium citrate 1 hour prior; Prep 3: 2 L PEG-ELS plus bisacodyl 20 mg) [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Colonoscopy


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