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Occupational Diseases

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Disease relevance of Occupational Diseases


High impact information on Occupational Diseases

  • This article provides a sequence of steps that can be used by the practicing physician for detecting occupational diseases: Step 1: Routine screening questions for all patients (List of job titles? Exposure to fumes, dusts, chemicals, loud noise, or radiation? Temporal relationship of the chief complaint to activities at work or at home?) [5].
  • The predominant occupational disease attributed to diisocyanates, including MDI, is asthma; however, the potential for genotoxicity has also been of concern [6].
  • Norwegian physicians are obliged to report occupational diseases to the Labor Inspection Authority [7].
  • Renal cell cancer has been observed as an occupational disease in cases of very high exposure to trichloroethylene having led to narcotic or prenarcotic symptoms [8].
  • Only atopy and exposure level have consistently been reported as determinants of this occupational disease [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Occupational Diseases


Gene context of Occupational Diseases

  • The large SDS, though dated, provides a tentative national look at the broad spectrum of occupational diseases as defined by WC and the occupations associated with those diseases in 1985 and 1986 [15].
  • Community health symposium. Part III: occupational disease and urban enviornment [16].
  • Vitiligo as an occupational disease [17].
  • The second indicator is the number of pre-employment medical examinations needed to reduce the number of new cases of an occupational disease by one (number needed to test, NNT) [18].
  • Their names were collected from the files of one biochemical laboratory performing urinary trichloroacetic acid determinations and from the Occupational Disease Register of Finland. Both the total mortality (SMR 69) and the cancer mortality (SMR 77) were lower than expected [19].


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