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Adenoviruses, Simian

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Disease relevance of Adenoviruses, Simian


High impact information on Adenoviruses, Simian

  • When similar cells were pretreated with simian adenovirus (SA7) and subsequently treated with acrylonitrile, up to an 8.9-fold increase in frequency of virus-transformed foci was noted over frequency noted for cultures treated only with SA7 [3].
  • Human and simian adenoviruses: phylogenetic inferences from analysis of VA RNA genes [4].
  • In YI cells transformed by simian adenovirus 7, production of cAMP is still increased by that of steroids is blocked [5].
  • The distinction and marking of the different epitopes recognized by the MAbs were carried out by the determination of the composite cross-reactivity pattern, the titer and the correlation coefficient of all the 61 MAbs with 21 different hexon types representing all the six human subgenera, as well as different bovine and simian adenoviruses [6].


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