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Attenuated virulence of pleconaril-resistant coxsackievirus B3 variants.

Pleconaril (VP 63843) is a novel orally bioavailable small molecule with broad antipicornavirus (enterovirus and rhinovirus) activity. Ten independently derived pleconaril-resistant variants of coxsackievirus B3 were isolated from cell culture. The molecular basis of drug resistance and the biologic properties of the drug-resistant viruses were investigated. RNA sequence analysis revealed amino acid changes in the drug-binding pocket of the resistant variants. Thermal stability studies showed the drug-resistant viruses to be significantly less stable than wild type virus. When evaluated in a murine model in which wild type virus infection is 100% lethal, the drug-resistant viruses showed attenuated virulence with both reduced mortality and delayed time to death. Virus titers in heart and spleen were dramatically lower in drug-resistant virus-infected mice than in wild type virus-infected animals. The study results indicate that pleconaril-resistant virus variants are attenuated and significantly less virulent than drug-sensitive wild type virus.[1]


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