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Construction of spectral sensitivity function using polychromatic UV sources.

A procedure is presented for constructing the spectral sensitivity functions of biological dosimeters, using five polychromatic UV sources possessing different emission spectra. Phage T7 and uracil biological dosimeters have been used for measuring the dose rates of the lamps. Their spectral sensitivity functions consisting of two exponential terms have been constructed. The parameters of the spectral sensitivity functions have been determined by comparing the directly measured and calculated dose-rate values. The parameters of the sensitivity function are accepted as correct values when the deviation of the measured and calculated values is a minimum. Based on the deviations between the constructed and the experimentally determined spectral sensitivities with monochromatic sources, the differences between the measured and calculated results are interpreted. The importance of the correct spectral sensitivity data is demonstrated through the effectiveness spectra of a TL 01 lamp for phage T7 killing, uracil dimerization and erythema induction.[1]


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