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Preventive health behaviour among general practitioners in Victoria.

This study describes the preventive health behaviour of general practitioners in Victoria, with particular emphasis on hepatitis B prevention, and their use of medical services, and seeks to explain these behaviours. METHODS: Cross sectional postal questionnaire survey of a 10% random sample (n = 544) of all GPs in Victoria, Australia. RESULTS: A valid response rate of 58.5% was achieved. Only 4% of the sample smoked, 93% had a blood pressure check in the past 3 years, and 64% had a cholesterol check in the past 3 years. About half followed a 'healthy' diet and 20% took a high level of physical exercise. With regard to hepatitis B prevention, 87% had completed vaccination, and 49% had confirmed immunity. Needlestick injuries had been suffered by 49% in the previous year, and half of the respondents would take no action after such an event. Over two-thirds (69%) reported having no GP. Psychological factors were associated with preventive health behaviour independent of age and gender. Internal locus of control and health value were positively associated with whether the doctor would take any action after needlestick injury, had a blood pressure or cholesterol test in the past 3 years or had their own GP. CONCLUSION: This study shows that GPs in Victoria have a relatively high level of preventive health activity although they have a low level of utilisation of their GP colleagues in service provision. There are measurable differences in psychological variables between doctors that are associated with their level of preventive care. Plans to improve their personal health care should concentrate on psychological well being.[1]


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