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Ag+ alters cell growth, neurite extension, cardiomyocyte beating, and fertilized egg constriction.

BACKGROUND: The Russian Space Agency uses electrochemically generated silver ions (Ag+) to purify drinking water for their space station, Mir, and their portion of the International Space Station. U.S. EPA guidelines allow 10.6 micromol x L(-1) Ag+ in human drinking water for up to 10 d. Studies correlate Ag+ exposure with tissue dysfunction in humans, rats, and mice, and with altered ion transport, skeletal muscle contraction, and embryonic cell constriction in other animal cells. Ag+ effects on cell shape change-related functions have not been assessed. METHODS: Immortalized embryonic human intestinal epithelial cells, freshly explanted embryonic avian nerve cells and cardiomyocytes, and marine fertilized eggs were grown in vitro in medium containing AgNO3. RESULTS: Intestinal cells detach from the substratum and viable cell number decreases by 5-6 d at 5 micromol x L(-1) AgNO3, and faster at higher concentrations. Microtubules appear unaltered in adherent cells. Detached cells are nonviable. Neurite outgrowth and glial cell migration from dorsal root ganglia are inhibited by 3 d at 15 micromol x L(-1) AgNO3 or greater. Contractions stop temporarily in most cardiomyocytes by 5 min at 5 micromol x L(-1) AgNO3 or more, but some cardiomyocytes beat 3 times faster than normal at 7.5-20 micromol x L(-1) AgNO3. Picomolar Ag+ increases marine egg polar lobe constriction within an hour, even in the absence of microtubules. CONCLUSION: Ag+ alters animal cell growth and shape changes by a MT-independent mechanism. This is the first report of Ag+ effects on vertebrate neurite outgrowth, glial cell migration, or cardiomyocyte beat rate.[1]


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