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The role of the spectral sensitivity curve in the selection of relevant biological dosimeters for solar UV monitoring.

To estimate the risk of enhanced UV-B radiation due to stratospheric ozone depletion, phage T7 and uracil thin-layer biological dosimeters have been developed, which weight the UV irradiance according to induced DNA damage. To study the molecular basis of the biological effects observed after UV irradiation, the spectral sensitivity curves of the two dosimeters and induction of the two major DNA photoproducts, cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPDs) and 6-4 photoproducts ((6-4)PDs), in phage T7 have been determined for polychromatic UV sources. CPDs and (6-4)PDs are determined by lesion-specific monoclonal antibodies in an immunodotblot assay. Phage T7 and uracil biological dosimeters together with a Robertson-Berger (RB) meter have been used for monitoring environmental radiation from the polar region to the equator. The biologically effective dose (BED) established with the three different dosimeters increases according to the changes in the solar angle and ozone column, but the degree of the change differs significantly. The results can be explained based on the different spectral sensitivities of the dosimeters. A possible method for determining the trend of the increase in the biological risk due to ozone depletion is suggested.[1]


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