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Antioxidant lipoate and tissue antioxidants in aged rats.

Oxidative metabolism produces free radicals that must be removed from the cellular environment for the cell to survive. The levels of nonenzymic antioxidants involved in the elimination of free radicals were investigated in an attempt to correlate any changes in the levels of enzymic antioxidants during aging with changes in free radical mediated cellular damage. Antioxidants were measured in liver and kidney of young and aged rats with respect to DL-alpha-lipoic acid supplemented rats. In both organs lipid peroxidation damage (a marker of free radical mediated damage) increased with age, and a significant decrease in antioxidant systems was observed. Moreover, DL-alpha-lipoic acid treated aged rats showed a decrease in the level of lipid peroxides and an increase in the antioxidant status. The results of this study provide evidence that DL-alpha-lipoic acid treatment can improve antioxidants during aging and minimize the age-associated disorders in which free radicals are the major cause.[1]


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