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Plasma oxysterols and tocopherol in patients with diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia.

The plasma levels of free oxysterols (7-ketocholesterol; 7alpha-hydroxy-, 7beta-hydroxy-, 25-hydroxy-, and 27-hydroxycholesterol; and 5alpha,6alpha-epoxycholestanol) in patients with diabetes mellitus and hypercholesterolemia were determined using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry with selective ion monitoring. We studied 39 patients with diabetes mellitus, 20 nondiabetic patients with hypercholesterolemia, and 37 normal controls. Plasma cholesterol levels in diabetic and hypercholesterolemic patients showed no statistical difference. Plasma 7-ketocholesterol was significantly higher in patients with diabetes (31.6+/-2.8 ng/mL) or hypercholesterolemia (52.3+/-5.9) than in the control group (22.4+/-1.2). The increased plasma cholesterol can be regarded as an oxidation substrate for the oxidant stress and the higher absolute levels of oxysterols in hypercholesterolemic plasma compared with the control plasma. This difference disappeared when 7-ketocholesterol was expressed in proportion to total cholesterol. The oxidizability of plasma cholesterol was evaluated by comparing the increased ratio of 7-ketocholesterol after CuSO4 oxidation to the ratio before. We demonstrated that the patients with diabetes showed increased oxidizability (77.5%) compared with the control (36.6%) or hyperlipemic group (45.3%), which is likely due to the lower amounts of alpha-tocopherol in the diabetics. Measurement of oxysterols may serve as a marker for in vivo oxidized lipoproteins in diabetes and hyperlipemia.[1]


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