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Transfer of the mitochondrial rps10 gene to the nucleus in rice: acquisition of the 5' untranslated region followed by gene duplication.

Mitochondrial ribosomal protein S10 (rps10) is encoded by the mitochondrial genome in potato and pea. Here we show that the rps10 gene is absent from the mitochondrial genome of rice and has been transferred to the nucleus. Cloning and transcriptional analysis show that there are two rps10 genes in the rice nuclear genome and that their transcripts differ in abundance. Western analysis detected the RPS10 protein in the soluble fraction of rice mitochondria, although neither RPS10 has any obvious N-terminal presequence for targeting to mitochondria. This result suggests that targeting information is present in the internal region of rice RPS10. Genomic sequence analysis indicated that each rps10 gene has an intron in the 5' untranslated region (5' UTR) and that these intron sequences are homologous to each other. This result strongly suggests that a duplication event occurred after transfer of the rps10 gene to the nucleus. The duplicated rps10 genes have since been translocated to different chromosomes, because the two rps10 genes were mapped on chromosomes 6 and 12 by RFLP analysis. Interestingly, the 5' UTR and the intron of the rice rps10 genes are homologous to sequences found in several rice genes with various functions, such as osk4, EF-1beta2 and RAG1, suggesting a common origin and a functional role for the 5' UTR. Acquisition of the 5' flanking region might have accelerated the activation of the mitochondrial rps10 gene which was transferred to the nuclear genome.[1]


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