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Acquired thermotolerance and expression of the HSP100/ClpB genes of lima bean.

Acquired thermotolerance (AT) is the ability of cells to survive a normally lethal temperature treatment as a consequence of pretreatment at an elevated but sublethal temperature. In yeast and cyanobacteria, the expression of the HSP100/ClpB protein is required for the AT response. To determine whether the HSP100/ClpB protein is associated with this response in lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus), we have cloned an HSP100/ClpB homolog and assessed expression of the two gene copies under heat stress conditions, which induce AT. Transcription of the cytoplasmically localized HSP100/ClpB protein genes is stringently controlled by heat stress in both of the laboratory and field heat stress conditions. From a heat-induced cDNA library, we identified a clone of a putative chloroplast-targeted (cp) HSP100/ClpB protein gene sequence. The cp HSP100/ClpB protein genes are constitutively expressed, but transcript levels increase post-heat stress in laboratory heat stress experiments. In field conditions the genes for the cp HSP100/ClpB are constitutively expressed. Although we were unable to correlate differences in the timing of AT response with the expression or genetic structure of the HSP100/ClpB genes in heat-tolerant or -sensitive varieties of lima bean, we clearly demonstrate the association of expression of HSP100/ClpB proteins with heat response in this species.[1]


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