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Participation of stress-inducible systems and enzymes involved in BER and NER in the protection of Escherichia coli against cumene hydroperoxide.

We studied the participation of the stress-inducible systems, as the OxyR, SoxRS and SOS regulons in the protection of Escherichia coli cells against lethal effects of cumene hydroperoxide (CHP). Moreover, we evaluated the participation of BER and NER in the repair of the DNA damage produced by CHP. Our results suggest that the hypersensitivity observed in the oxyR mutants to the lethal effect of CHP does not appear to be due to SOS inducing DNA lesions, but rather to cell membrane damage. On the other hand, DNA damage induced by CHP appears to be repaired by enzymes involved in BER and NER pathways. In this case, Fpg protein and UvrABC complex could be involved cooperatively in the elimination of a specific DNA lesion. Finally, we have detected the requirement for the uvrA gene function in SOS induction by CHP treatment.[1]


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