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Doc2gamma, a third isoform of double C2 protein, lacking calcium-dependent phospholipid binding activity.

The Doc2 (double C2) family consists of two isoforms (Doc2alpha and Doc2beta) characterized by an N-terminal Munc13-1 interacting domain (Mid) and two C2 domains that interact with Ca(2+) and phospholipid at the C-terminus. This Ca(2+)-binding property is thought to be important to the regulation of neurotransmitter release. In this paper, we report a third isoform of mouse Doc2, named Doc2gamma. Doc2gamma also contains a putative Mid domain and two C2 domains, and it is 45.6 and 43.2% identical to mouse Doc2alpha and Doc2beta, respectively, at the amino acid level. In contrast to the other Doc2 isoforms, the C2 domains of Doc2gamma impair Ca(2+)-dependent phospholipid binding activity. The highest expression of Doc2gamma mRNA was found in the heart, but occurs ubiquitously, the same as Doc2beta. These findings indicate that Doc2gamma may also function as an effector for Munc13-1 and that it may be involved in the regulation of vesicular trafficking.[1]


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