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Cyclooxygenase expression in the gallbladder.

The COX expressions were evaluated separately in the epithelium and in the stroma of gallbladder cancer, chronic cholecystitis, xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis (XGC) and the normal gallbladder. In normal gallbladder COX-2 expression rate was significantly higher in the epithelium than in the stroma. The COX-2 expression rate in the epithelium of non-cancerous adjacent epithelium to cancerous lesion was significantly lower than those not only of cancer, but also chronic cholecystitis, XGC and normal gallbladder. In stroma, the COX-2 expression rate in cancer, chronic cholecystitis and XGC were significantly higher than that of the normal gallbladder. The rate in non-cancerous adjacent stroma to cancer is significantly lower than that of cancer and XGC. However, the difference of rate between of normal and of chronic cholecystitis was not significant. The COX-2 expression rates were significantly higher in both the epithelium and the stroma in the well and moderately differentiated cancer group than in the poorly and undifferentiated cancer group. Our results suggest that COX-2 expression in the gallbladder may be regulated by various factors and not directly related to carcinogenesis. The significance of its repression in the non-cancerous adjacent tissue to cancer lesion should be re-evaluated.[1]


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