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Human trypsinogen in colorectal cancer.

Trypsinogen (TRY), the precursor to the serine protease trypsin, is found in the pancreas and mediates digestive proteolysis in the small intestine. Differential display of cDNAs expressed by human colorectal tumor tissues compared with adjacent normal colonic mucosa identified an isoform of TRY (TRY2) up-regulated in colorectal cancers. Northern blot analysis of RNA isolated from a series of 28 malignant colon tumors and corresponding normal mucosa showed that TRY transcripts were up-regulated 2- to 33-fold in 29% of tumors. Further, TRY mRNA was expressed in 6 colorectal cancer cell lines, with highest levels detected in the metastatic tumor lines SW620 and HT29. Immunostaining for TRY protein expression showed intense immunoreactivity in the supranuclear cytoplasm of colon tumors in 16% of tissue specimens. To evaluate the relative contributions of 2 isoforms of TRY, TRY1 and TRY2, to total TRY mRNA expression, a semi-quantitative multiplex RT-PCR assay was developed. TRY2 mRNA was detected in all 6 colorectal tumor cell lines, whereas TRY1 mRNA was expressed only in the metastatic tumor lines, showing that the high levels of TRY expression in the metastatic tumor lines are likely due to up-regulation of TRY1. Evaluation of TRY1 and TRY2 mRNA expression by multiplex RT-PCR in a series of 20 colon tumor tissues representative of the range of tumor progression showed that TRY2 mRNA was expressed much more commonly than TRY1 mRNA in normal mucosa (26% vs. 6%) as well as in primary tumor tissues (65% vs. 15%). These data demonstrate that TRY2 is the dominant TRY in colon tissue and suggest that up-regulation of TRY1 expression in colon tumors may be associated with a metastatic phenotype.[1]


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