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Human skeletal muscle energy metabolism during and after complete tourniquet ischemia.

The extent of cellular metabolic deterioration and its reversibility was studied on human skeletal muscle needle biopsies during operations in bloodless field. The tissue levels of high energy phosphates and glycolytic metabolites were analyzed after various times of tourniquet ischemia and compared to contralateral control extremity levels. In the ischemic extremity the phosphocreatine (CrP) levels decreased by 40% within 30-60 min and after 60-90 min a 60% reduction was found. No significant ATP changes occurred. Lactate levels increased by 225% after 30-60 min and by 300% after 60-90 min. The glucose and G-6-P levels increased slightly and indicated glycogenolysis. The rate of the metabolic changes decreased with ischemia time. In the control leg no significant metabolic changes could be seen. After the release of the tourniquet there was a rapid restoration of the phosphagen content and clearance of lactate in the ischemic leg. Near control levels of these substances were seen already after 5 min. The present results show that clinical tourniquet ischemia of up to 90 min duration produces less pronounced metabolic alterations than those seen in working muscle.[1]


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