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A novel serum chitinase that is expressed in bovine liver.

Chitinases are ubiquitous chitin-fragmenting hydrolases. They are synthesized by a vast array of organisms, including those not composed of chitin. Here, we describe a novel serum chitinase (chitin-binding protein b04, CBPb04), which is expressed in bovine liver. Although CBPb04 is secreted as an endocrine chitinase, it shows higher homology with human gastrointestinal tract exocrine chitinase (AMCase) than with macrophage endocrine chitinase (human chitotriosidase). This suggests that cows have a specific defense against chitin-containing microorganisms. CBPb04 mRNA is expressed in hepatocytes. This is the first report of a hepatogenic mammalian chitinase.[1]


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