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Greater velocity and magnitude of airway narrowing in immature than in mature rabbit lung explants.

Methacholine (MCh)-induced bronchoconstriction in vivo produces greater maximal increases in pulmonary and airway resistances in immature than in mature rabbits. Our recent findings of lower shear modulus and greater airway distensibility suggest a lower elastic load limiting airway smooth muscle (ASM) shortening in immature rabbit lungs. We hypothesized that a lower elastic load should result in greater velocity of airway narrowing. Lung explants were prepared from three immature and five mature rabbits. Dynamic narrowing of intraparenchymal airways after maximal MCh stimulation was assessed by video microscopy. Immature airways (n = 80) compared with mature airways (n = 110) demonstrated greater peak velocity of shortening (6.98 +/- 0.32 versus 4.22 +/- 0.18% of baseline perimeter/s) and greater maximal airway narrowing, expressed as percentage of baseline area (31.9 +/- 1.6 versus 42.2 +/- 1.8%). For both groups, a greater velocity of shortening resulted in greater airway narrowing. As available data do not support maturational differences in rabbit ASM, our results are consistent with a lower elastic load limiting ASM shortening in the immature rabbit.[1]


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