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Distribution of ClC-2 chloride channel in rat and human epithelial tissues.

The ubiquitous ClC-2 Cl(-) channel is thought to contribute to epithelial Cl(-) secretion, but the distribution of the ClC-2 protein in human epithelia has not been investigated. We have studied the distribution of ClC-2 in adult human and rat intestine and airways by immunoblotting and confocal microscopy. In the rat, ClC-2 was present in the lateral membranes of villus enterocytes and was predominant at the basolateral membranes of luminal colon enterocytes. The expression pattern of ClC-2 in the human intestine differed significantly, because ClC-2 was mainly detected in a supranuclear compartment of colon cells. We found significant expression of ClC-2 at the apex of ciliated cells in both rat and human airways. These results show that the distribution of ClC-2 in airways is consistent with participation of ClC-2 channels in Cl(-) secretion and indicate that extrapolation of results from studies of ClC-2 function in rat intestine to human intestine is not straightforward.[1]


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