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Ontogeny of the murine Ig joining chain gene and protein.

We used Northern blot analysis in order to investigate the ontogeny of the murine joining (J)-chain gene. No J-chain expression was detected in embryonic tissues, including liver, spleen and intestine, but an expression of mu heavy chain was detected in foetal liver at day 17. J-chain expression was detected in the spleen at day 9 and in the intestine at day 15 after birth. Western blot analysis was carried out in order to compare the protein levels of J and mu heavy chains in serum from day 8 to day 24 after birth, using antihuman J chain and antimouse mu chain antibodies. Although mu chain protein could be detected in serum from day 8, J-chain protein was detectable only at day 24. These results suggest that the expression of J chain is a later event than the mu chain in the mouse, which thus differs in embryogenesis from humans.[1]


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