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Prepartum monensin for the reduction of energy associated disease in postpartum dairy cows.

A total of 1317 Holstein cows from 45 farms in the Canadian provinces of Quebec, Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Ontario were enrolled in a randomized trial during 1998 and 1999 to further confirm the efficacy of a monensin controlled release capsule in preventing periparturient disease in lactating dairy cows. Cows were randomized on the farms to receive either a monensin controlled release capsule (CRC) 2 to 4 wk before expected calving or to serve as negative controls. Health data were collected for 90 d postcalving and were analyzed with logistic regression accounting for the intraherd correlation with generalized estimating equations. Monensin CRC significantly reduced the incidence of both clinical ketosis and abomasal displacement post-calving. There was a numerical but nonsignificant decrease in the incidence of retained placenta in cows receiving a monensin CRC. A pooled analysis of two separate but similar studies (conducted in 1995 and 1998) demonstrated a strengthened association between monensin CRC administration precalving and reduced periparturient disease. A 40% reduction in both abomasal displacement and clinical ketosis was observed with precalving administration of a monensin CRC. In addition, the larger dataset highlighted a trend for a 25% reduction in the incidence of retained placenta in monensin-treated cows. Improved energy metabolism as a result of monensin treatment is likely the mechanism for the reduction in incidence of all three of these diseases. Thus the term "energy associated disease" was created to assess the combined impact of the precalving monensin treatment on the incidence of retained placenta, displaced abomasum, and clinical ketosis. The monensin controlled release capsule reduced the incidence of energy associated disease by 30%.[1]


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