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Clinical experience of CNC-milled titanium frameworks supported by implants in the edentulous jaw: a 3-year interim report.

BACKGROUND: The use of computer numeric controlled (CNC)-milled titanium frameworks is a new technique for framework fabrication, and few clinical reports have been made on this treatment modality. PURPOSE: The goal of this study was to report the clinical performance of implant-supported prostheses with CNC-milled titanium frameworks in the edentulous jaw and to compare the results with prostheses provided with conventional cast frameworks during the first 3 years of function. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A consecutive group of 126 edentulous patients were provided by random distribution with 67 prostheses with CNC-milled titanium frameworks in 23 upper and 44 lower jaws and 62 conventional prostheses with gold-alloy castings in 31 upper and 31 lower jaws. Radiographic 1-year data and clinical 3-year data were collected for both the titanium and control group. RESULTS: One prosthesis was lost in each group owing to loss of implants, and the overall 3-year prosthesis cumulative survival rate was 98.2% for both groups. Patients with smoking habits experienced significantly more implant failures than nonsmokers (p =.006). Few problems were observed. No metal fractures were seen in the test group, whereas two frameworks and one abutment screw fractured in the control group. Resin veneer fractures were the most common complication, with a slightly higher incidence observed in the control group. CONCLUSIONS: Computer numeric controlled-milled titanium frameworks can be used as an alternative to conventional castings in the edentulous jaw, presenting clinical performance similar to that of conventional cast frameworks during the first 3 years of function. key words: computer numeric controlled, implant supported, prostheses, titanium [1]


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