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Studies on the isothermal crystallization of D-glucose and cellulose oligosaccharides by differential scanning calorimetry.

Isothermal crystallization from the glassy state of D-glucose and cellulose oligosaccharides (e.g., cellobiose, cellotriose, and cellotetraose) has been studied by differential scanning calorimetry. The crystallization of amorphous D-glucose and oligosaccharides was very difficult in the absence of traces of water. Amorphous cellobiose and cellotetraose crystallized far more rapidly than amorphous D-glucose and cellotriose. The activation energy for the crystallization of cellobiose and cellotetraose was approximately 10-12 kJ. mol(-1), while that for D-glucose and cellotriose was approximately 1-2 kJ. mol(-1). An odd-even effect seemed to be associated with the crystallization process of these saccharides.[1]


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