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Aflatoxin related occupational exposure to maize processing workers.

A study was undertaken on environmental mycoflora of a maize processing industry in Ahmedabad. The airborne fungal communities were isolated and identified both qualitatively by Petri-plate exposure method and quantitatively by using Andersen-6-stage viable sampler, Midget impinger and high volume samples (cone and Hexhlet for total and respirable dusts, respectively). Of all the isolates genus Aspergillus was the dominant environmental mycoflora and among all the species of Aspergillus A. flavus was the common isolates irrespective of the method applied for sample collection. Maximum number of isolates were recovered from Elevator department. From total and respirable dusts, about 56.6% and 44.4% of recovery accounted for genus Aspergillus alone. Total percentages of aflatoxin positive strains of A. flavus were 5.65% and 9.73% from total and respirable dusts, respectively. These toxigenic strains were identified on various media like CZ with 0.05% anisaldehyde, APA and CAM. Surface morphology of toxigenic strains and dust samples were carried out using SEM.[1]


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