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Priming of polymorphonuclear neutrophils by atrial natriuretic peptide in vitro.

In ischemia-reflow states of coronary artery disease, the activation of PMN precedes the initiation of tissue damage. Release of atrial natriuretic peptide ( ANP) from myocytes occurs within minutes after the onset of myocardial ischemia, which suggests a possible role of ANP in PMN activation. To investigate this possibility, we tested the effects of ANP on functions of PMN in vitro. ANP is a potent signal for priming the PMN respiration burst to secrete superoxide anion. Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate, opsonized zymosan, or FMLP could all be used as triggering stimuli to demonstrate the priming of PMN activation by ANP. Only ANP fragments 1-28 and 7-28 enhanced respiration burst activity but identical preparations of ANP fragments 13-18 or 1-11 failed to do so. This structure-activity relationship is typical of receptors for ANP found in other tissues. In addition, ANP stimulated the release of beta-glucuronidase From PMN triggered by FMLP. The observed inhibition by ANP of FMLP-stimulated chemotaxis of PMN may be due to their enhanced adhesiveness. These data show that a classic cardiac hormone is involved in regulating important functional activities of PMN. These data support the possibility that ANP could act as a preinflammatory substance in ischemia-reperfusion states and myocardial necrosis.[1]


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