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Watershed cerebral infarcts: retrospective study of 24 cases.

Twenty-four patients presenting an acute stroke with watershed cerebral infarct on CT scan or MRI were included in this retrospective study. Age was 63 +/- 14 years (mean +/- SD), and sex ratio was 2 men for 1 woman. Main clinical features were: in anterior location, lower limb weakness and frontal syndrome with transcortical motor aphasia in left lesions or spatial dyscalculia in right ones; in posterior location, brachiofacial weakness with constant quadranopsia and hypoesthesia, and Gerstmann syndrome in left lesion. There was no distinctive feature for subcortical and multiple infarcts. In bilateral infarcts, there were one pseudobulbar syndrome, and 2 pseudo brainstem syndromes with neuropsychological signs. Aetiologies were severe carotid artery disease in 14 cases, severe cardiopathy in 6, isolated cerebral angiitis in 1, essential thrombocythemia in 1, protein C deficiency with sickle cell disease in 1, and cholesterol emboli in 1 anatomical case. CBF performed in carotid artery occlusions or tight stenoses showed evidence of haemodynamic changes. Microembolic process can be proposed in the case with cholesterol emboli. Preventive treatment is discussed.[1]


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