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The expression of the mouse VpreB/lambda 5 locus in transformed cell lines and tumors of the B lineage differentiation pathway.

The expression of RNA transcripts from two pre B lymphocyte related genes, VpreB and lambda 5, has been studied in a series of transformed cell lines which appear frozen at different states of B lineage differentiation, from early progenitors to surface Ig positive B cells. In the HAFTL-1 cell line, which arose from fetal liver by transformation with a retrovirus containing the Hras oncogene, Northern analysis of poly A+ mRNA as well as in situ hybridization of RNA in single cells revealed that lambda 5 and VpreB are already expressed at the progenitor stage and increase in expression as the progenitors differentiate to precursor (preB) cells, or are turned off as the progenitors differentiate to myeloid cells. Continued rearrangements of Ig genes in pre B cell lines leading to Ig expression on the surface of NFS-5 pre B cells do not influence the continued expression of VpreB and lambda 5. Surface Ig-positive B lineage cell lines also express the pre B-related genes. Both Ly1+ as well as Ly1- pre B cells are VpreB- and lambda 5-positive. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation of 70Z/3 pre B cells does not turn off lambda 5 expression. It therefore appears that, at least in transformed cell lines, the expression of VpreB and lambda 5 is not directly regulated by the expression of microH, kappa L, or lambda L chains, LPS reactivity, or the Ly1 surface antigen. Fusion of plasmacytoma cells with normal pre B cells to generate pre B hybridomas leads to down-regulation of VpreB/lambda 5 expression.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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