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Strain and gender modulate hepatic hepcidin 1 and 2 mRNA expression in mice.

Hepcidin ( HEPC) plays a key role in iron homeostasis and an abnormally low level of hepcidin mRNA has been reported in HFE-1 genetic hemochromatosis. Considering the well-known phenotypic variability of this disease, especially between men and women, it is important to define factors susceptible to modulate hepatic hepcidin expression and, consequently, to influence the development of iron overload in HFE-1 hemochromatosis. Therefore, our aim was to analyze the effects of strain and gender on hepatic hepcidin expression in the mouse. C57BL/6 and DBA/2 wild-type mice were included in this study. Liver and splenic iron contents were measured. Specific hepatic Hepc1 and Hepc2 mRNA levels were quantified using real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). C57BL/6 mice expressed predominantly Hepc1 mRNA, whereas Hepc2 mRNA was the main form in DBA/2 mice. In both strains, females had higher levels of iron stores and Hepc mRNAs compared to males. Our results demonstrate that the expression of both hepcidin mRNAs varies according to strain and gender. They suggest that sex and genetic background, which are regulators of hepcidin expression, could play a role in the phenotypic expression of genetic hemochromatosis.[1]


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