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Rat multidrug resistance protein 4 (Mrp4, Abcc4): molecular cloning, organ distribution, postnatal renal expression, and chemical inducibility.

In the present study, we report cloning of the rat Mrp4 cDNA. The cDNA is 4526 bp, containing a 3975 bp open reading frame. The deduced polypeptide has 1325 amino acids and is 83% and 91% identical to human MRP4 and mouse Mrp4, respectively. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that the cloned rat cDNA is closely related to human MRP4 and mouse Mrp4. Additionally, an alternatively spliced variant, 111 bp shorter than the full-length form, was cloned. Rat Mrp4 mRNA was detectable in 11 tissues examined, with levels being highest in kidney, and lowest in liver. Mrp4 mRNA levels in kidney were higher in males than females, and at birth were about half of adult levels. Mrp4 expression in liver and kidney of rats treated with six classes of microsomal enzyme inducers was examined. Mrp4 mRNA in liver was induced by two electrophile response element activators, namely ethoxyquin and oltipraz.[1]


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