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Potentiometric sensing of chemical warfare agents: surface imprinted polymer integrated with an indium tin oxide electrode.

Rapid and specific recognition of methylphosphonic acid (MPA), the degradation product of nerve agents sarin, soman, VX, etc., was achieved with potentiometric measurements using a chemical sensor fabricated by a surface imprinting technique coupled with a nanoscale transducer, indium tin oxide (ITO). An octadecylsiloxane thin layer was covalently bound to the ITO-coated glass surface in the presence of MPA. After extraction of MPA, potentiometric measurements showed selective detection of MPA. The selectivity of the sensor has been tested on other alkylphosphonic acids, such as ethylphosphonic acid and propylphosphonic acid, as well as tert-butylphosphonic acid. The viability of the sensor in the presence of other chemical analogues, such as organophosphorus pesticides and herbicides, was investigated.[1]


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